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The authors of our blog are qualified specialists who have been studying the problem of diabetes for many years. We assure you that their experience and knowledge can be trusted because they know everything about diabetes and endocrine system problems. We are proud of our team of professionals who fight diabetes by educating our readers on how to diagnose, treat and prevent this disease.

Diana Betancourt


Dr. Diana Betancourt is a renowned researcher in type 2 diabetes, known for her groundbreaking work on the disease’s causes and potential treatments. She is 45 years old now and holds a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Betancourt’s research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that lead to insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction, which are the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes. Her work has led to the identification of novel therapeutic targets for the disease, and she has published numerous scientific papers in high-impact journals. In addition to her research, Dr. Betancourt is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of diabetes researchers. She has trained numerous postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who have made successful careers in academia and industry.




Emma Garcia

Emma Garcia is an endocrinologist who has been studying diabetes for many years, treating patients with diabetes, and monitoring the course of the disease. Her experience has made it possible to alleviate the condition of many people with diabetes. Emma is happy to share her experience with our readers, providing the most helpful information on preventing, treating, and living with diabetes.





Cheryl Velez

Cheryl Velez has extensive experience in diagnosing, preventing, and treating conditions of the endocrine system. She has worked for many years with patients of different ages, from children to older people. Cheryl is a qualified diabetologist who can be trusted and whose experience is invaluable to readers of our blog.





Madison Lee

Madison Lee has been studying the problems of the endocrine system for many years, working with diabetes mellitus, impaired insulin production, autoimmune thyroiditis, impaired pituitary gland function, metabolic disorders, and obesity. Madison considers her mission to tell as many people as possible about diabetes to prevent the disease’s rapid spread.





Vivian Moore

Vivian Moore is a specialist in diabetology. She knows everything about diabetes as she has been helping people diagnose and treat this disease for many years. Vivian is the author of many scientific articles about diabetes and how it can be prevented. In her articles on our blog, she shares her knowledge and experience gained over many years of practice.