If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, read this guide to learn the best ways to control type 2 diabetes effectively.

Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Controlled Without Medication

Type 2 Diabetes is a notorious health condition that affects millions of humans (34M of Americans). When not treated, it may cause heart disease, liver damage, kidney failure, and blindness because of too high blood sugar levels. Yet, you can combat it without medications as well.

How To Control Type 2 Diabetes

Control diabeties

Now, let’s speak of the best controlling type 2 diabetes methods which may assist you when your condition has not caused much damage to your health. Still, all the controlling methods should be primarily discussed with your healthcare provider since efficacy may vary.

Losing Weight Might Help Your Condition

Obesity or fat bellies are those indicators and signals of Type 2 Diabetes. If you struggle with excessive weight, you have to take measures immediately to avoid the deterioration of your health. Beyond that, it concerns one’s visceral fat found around abdominal organs. Fat promotes inflammation and insulin resistance.

Ideally, you have to find a nutritionist and a personal coach to tailor individual weight loss programs for your diabetes condition. For instance, you can be offered to stick to Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Low-Carbohydrates or Paleo diets which promote healthy weight loss.

Focus On Eating A Well-Balanced Nutritious Diet

Alongside your conscious decision to lose weight, you should possess some tips from your nutritionist on how to combat the cravings toward your guilty pleasures like sweets or fast food meals. Those with mood changes Type 2 Diabetes should cut down on sugar, high cholesterol level meals, and refined carbs.

On most occasions, to have an excellent controlling type 2 diabetes, you will be required to eat the following:

  • Fruits with fewer sugars, like green apples, oranges, peaches.
  • Veggies – try to add more broccoli, spinach and zucchini to your meals, or just focus on other GREEN veggies.
  • Whole grains – it mainly concerns quinoa, oats, brown rice, as well as farro.
  • Legumes – stick to beans or lentils, or do something with chickpeas.
  • Nuts – nuts are the best; however, consider limited consumption of them because they are fatty. You may eat almonds, walnuts, pistachios, among others.
  • Seeds – you can experiment with chia seeds bowls or just do something with pumpkin or hemp seeds.
  • Protein-rich foods, eat more tofu and red meat lean cuts.
  • Fats – it concerns olive, sesame, canola oils as well as healthy avocados.
  • Beverages – a primary focus is on water, but you can also drink coffee and tea without sugar.

Exercise Regularly

Based on this and this study, exercises and regular workout regimens promote the control of diabetes and cater to one’s health condition in terms of mood, confidence and just well-being. What exercises to choose? Take a look at the following table:

Note, the Patient platform has conducted a survey where doctors shared their opinions on the best physical activity to combat the severity of Type 2 Diabetes.


 71% of recommendations from doctors;



 Gymnastics, or dance or particularly Zumba


 Skiing and Snowboarding


 Skateboarding and Rollerblading




Yet, you can also choose other sports activities based on your preference and liking. For instance, you can just stick to running in the morning or evening with your pet.

Take Your Diabetes Medication as Prescribed

On most occasions, doctors will prescribe specific modalities to control your diabetes. They can normalize the blood glucose level and then affect other health concerns. For instance, with time, you can see significant improvements in your body weight, soothing headaches, mood changes, etc. Yet, you should always take them as directed without exceeding the dosage in pursuit of feeling even better. If you think about how to control type 2 diabetes without medications, there are also other solutions.

Alongside medications, you can also overlook the market for health supplements that contain organic and natural ingredients. But, do consult your doctor before taking them because they may result in being ineffective for your particular case.

Check Your Blood Sugar Level as Often as Recommended

How else can type 2 diabetes be controlled? With your blood sugar monitoring with a meter. You should understand when there is hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.


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You can download the tracker mentioned above as the best way to control type diabetes 2 and your blood sugar levels. Ensure they are within a healthy range. In the case of elevated blood sugar levels, you will need to take your insulin for your bloodstream. Otherwise, you can rapidly exercise, which can lower it too. On some events, you will need to check it with your doctor, but it concerns the situations when you have the following symptoms:

  • ketones in your urine;
  • strong confusion;
  • intolerable thirst;
  • frequent urges to urinate;
  • nausea or stomach pain or vomiting;
  • shortness of breath.

If You Smoke, Quit Smoking

Remember, smoking is your enemy for controlling type 2 diabetes. Alongside affecting your diabetes, it may occasionally cause other health conditions like cancer, emphysema or heart disease. Beyond that, based on evidence, smoking could raise the risk of suffering from diabetes by 61% if a person smokes more than a pack per day.

It is somehow stupid; however, some people do not want to quit smoking because they are afraid of rapid weight gain. But, you should understand that you can always replace this bad habit with other habits which may distract you from eating around the clock.

Drink Less Alcohol Beverages

Together with smoking, the best way to control diabetes 2 is to minimize excessive drinking of alcohol. Yes, you may drink a few glasses of red wine per week. Yet, do not do it every single day and in large quantities. First off, wine is known to have sugars that may affect your blood sugar levels, and you will feel bad. Secondly, excessive alcohol consumption contributes to weight gain.

Build A Support Team

Usually, diabetes is a disease that may occur due to genetic predisposition, and you are most likely to have family members with it. Type-2 diabetes can often be controlled by just gathering your friends or beloved ones and explaining what you expect from them in terms of your well-being. For example, ask them to limit the consumption of your guilty pleasures next to you. Or, do ask them to control your eating habits of fatty foods. To manage Type 2 Diabetes, you have to be supported. Otherwise, there will be no preventive progress and no good feelings.

Lower Your Stress

Are you living in a never-ending stressful environment? It won’t also cater to controlling your diabetes. You should minimize stress as much as possible. For example, if you have family arguments where you are not involved, just do one thing – go for a walk instead of interfering and feeling not well. The same concerns your work: do think about leaving a too stressful job if possible or just consider that stress from another perspective – by taking your health as a priority.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Your doctor will become your friend because diabetes predetermines many checkups. Therefore, ensure to follow their directions. You may need to visit them at least 1 time in 3-4 months. However, suppose you do not feel well because of your elevated blood sugar levels and experience some severe side effects after taking medications. In that case, you should visit them regularly.

More About Diet And Controlling Blood Sugar Levels


Usually, a doctor will prescribe controlling type 2 diabetes with a diet like a low-carb meal plan or Keto. They are built the way a person can lower their blood sugar and insulin level. Then, they promote the increase of insulin sensitivity. Either Keto or Low-Carb Diet, you will have to acknowledge the Foods to Eat and Avoid. Check it all below.

Foods to Eat:

  • skinny poultry, as well as sustainably-sourced seafood;
  • eggs;
  • non-fatty cheeses;
  • veggies including olives, avocados, spinach, cauliflower.

Foods to Avoid

(if hard, you can just eat them in small quantities):

  • only 1 cup of berries per day;
  • greek yogurt;
  • cottage cheese;
  • dark chocolate;
  • winter squashes;
  • alcohol.

Alongside controlling type 2 diabetes with diet, you should be very cautious with portions since low carbohydrate servings should be small and balanced with healthy ingredients. You can eat 5 times per day in small amounts. Do not forget about the water-drinking regimen—no need to go extreme and drink liters of water to stay hydrated. Listen to your body needs, and increase your consumption gradually.

Lifestyle Changes Vs. Medication

Now, let’s proceed with comparing Lifestyle Changes and Medication Intake when you want to control Type 2 Diabetes.

Does It Work For Everyone?

Do you still wonder how to control type 2 diabetes without medication? Some patients with diabetes won’t avoid applying certain drugs, while others may be enough to follow a particular lifestyle. Everything can be explained and specified with the help of doctors.

Comparison of the Effectiveness

The key differences of both for type 2 diabetes control are the following:

Lifestyle Changes


 May take time to produce the first visible results.

 Can lower blood sugar within a few minutes only.

 Contribute to your overall satisfaction with the quality of life.

 May cause lots of side effects or intolerance.

 Some products for diabetic diet might be expensive.

 Are widely available in any neighborhood or online pharmacy.

 Can help you get rid of bad habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

 Some medications may cause addiction.

Honestly, today you can also combine both to control your type 2 diabetes. For instance, you follow a healthy lifestyle but also take medications that can help you lower your high blood sugar levels. Otherwise, some diabetic people do not even need any assistance with modalities. But, again, it all varies, and you should speak to your healthcare provider.

Final Words

There are lots of ways how to control type 2 diabetes that you can follow. In short, do not neglect the consultations with your doctor; quit smoking and abusing alcohol. Follow an active lifestyle, and stick to healthy diets which promote your fit body instead of any fatty belly. Finally, do remember to monitor your blood sugar to know when insulin is required and when not.


What Is the Best Way to Control Type 2 Diabetes?

The best way to control Type 2 Diabetes is a complex approach of following a healthy lifestyle and taking certain medications if prescribed by a doctor.

Can I Control My Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication?

If you think about how to control diabetes 2 with no pills, you should know that it depends on your Type 2 Diabetes severity. Therefore, you should discuss it all with your healthcare provider only.

Why Is Type 2 Diabetes Controlled With Lifestyle Modification?

Lifestyle changes are aimed to make a person’s life a high-quality one before being diagnosed with diabetes. It is necessary to get a fit body again and balance the mood.

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